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To NOT pursue our God-Ordained purpose is selfish!

Live life with purpose.

To NOT pursue our God-ordained purpose is selfish!

When we focus on what God has placed in us, when we pursue tapping into Him and His presence, when we continuously invest in ourselves and our purpose, we become of greater value and influence to those God has called us to. There is No selfishness in pursuing our God-ordained purpose.

We were created to show our children, grandchildren and beyond what it looks like (not what we think it looks like) to live intentionally and how to affect their area of influence. Influence comes from In-side of us!

We are to demonstrate (not just what we think it looks like) to others what purpose looks like and how they can start living the life God has predestined. We should be able to guide anyone regardless of their past, age, ethnicity or gender by helping them understand they were created to be catalyst for change.  We are able to do this when we are pursuing our purpose.

We must be in our correct position (spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically) to help others. We must be in position to prosper. When we prosper we are able to help others prosper. This requires that we constantly invest in ourselves. This requires us getting to know ourselves. This also requires us routinely scanning our relationships and environments ( home, church, school, work, etc.) to remove or move away from anything and anyone who can potentially destroy what God has called us to.

When God sends people to us are we able to say more than a good word? Are we willing and able to clothe, house, and feed, disciple, deliver, set free and/or assist in ushering individuals into their destiny? 

We are only able to give from what we have. We are only able to show from what we know.

Are we operating at our maximum potential or out of religious routine? Do we know our sweet spot and how to flow from the best of ourselves, effortlessly?

When we operate out of the authentic us and flow in that, we are the first to applaud others when they operate in their calling. We are the biggest cheerleaders to those who desire to become all they were created to be. We are not jealous or envious as we know those are tactics of the enemy to stop us from fulfilling our very own calling (not the calling of the ones we are jealous and envious of). We wholeheartedly believe that everyone has a calling and purpose. We inspire and give the best of ourselves expecting nothing in return. The only competition we do is competing against ourselves and the only comparison we do is comparing ourselves against the cross.

If we don't pursue our God-ordained purpose are we giving at every stage, the best of ourselves? Whose blessings and destiny may be on hold because of our disobedience?

To pursue God is to pursue our purpose. So, let’s constantly pursue God and the purpose He reveals to us.

We withhold the blessings of others when we do not pursue our purpose, and that my friend is selfish.

-Cherlene Adewunmi

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